The faculty was opened in 1914 under the name of "Darülmuallimat" in a bulding at Hisartepe which is collapsed now. Darülmuallimat as a "Girls Teachers College"  had served  until 1917 in that building, it had very few graduates and closed before the War of Independence. This school  was re-opened as  "Bolu Male Teachers College" at Hisartepe  on 21 June 1948 in a building which belong to the Middle School now, and this institution had continued teaching in the same place until the academic year 1964-1965. The School was moved to new buildings in a campus  which is refered to as "AIBU Bolu City Campus”, and it transformed into a four-year school in the academic year 1973-1974 while serving as "Bolu Male Teachers College " .   In the academic year of 1976-1977, according to the Basic Law of National Education numbered as 1739 and dated on June 12, 1973,  this school was transformed into the Institute of Education to train teacher fort he  first stage of Basic Education Schools. 

The school was united with Gazi University in 1982 and was renamed as the School of Education, according to the  law  2547 regulating  the Higher Education. The school was united with Abant Izzet Baysal University according to the law of 3837 dated  on 03.07.1992, then it was transformed into faculty based on the 16th article and paragraph (a) of the same law, and it was renamed as the Faculty of Education.

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